Demo 2014

by Drug Mother

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Sink some beers, burn some grass...enjoy.


released February 17, 2014

Music by Peterkin, Bonomini and Overend. Lyrics by Overend. Recorded and mixed by Mat Taylor at Scabbey Road Studios. Vocal tracking and production by Josh Fitzroy at Burn Claw Studios.



all rights reserved


Drug Mother Newcastle, Australia

Friends who play riffs, sometimes.

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Track Name: Death
He can pay with sleep, saving up those dreams. Don't close your eyes, just light up the night. The reaper bows his head, reaching out his crown. Swallow this and learn to see though...

Time means nothing here. This is a land where there is no fear. Death, he is the king. But you can be the one challenging.

Decorate your grave with the skulls of men. Drinking blood with the devils bride. They will name you king while grasping at your rotting skin. Swallow this and learn to see through...

The world won't understand, how pure you are. Until you're six feet under.

I trust the land more than I trust the sea. You will silence the hope in me.
Track Name: Rain
Don't let me waste another night, these demons are playful. Everything evolves in the end...and it's the end. This beast brings joy to an empty body with a thriving mind. But I've already turned to stone.

The sky will open up, as he lays his eyes on you. He will see you burning, he won't rain on you. He said we wanted life, we've created only death. While we are burning, he will open hell.

But I don't care I can see through time. Sending thoughts into the skies. Lighting fires with a deadly eye. I'm kissing demons I drain their blood, screaming you have earned no love. A lifeless body, always missing the light.

I'm sorry, I'm not sorry. It's not my fault that I was raised in the darkness...worshipping the occult.
Track Name: Sin
The day has dawned, the night is done. Bones feeling weak, faces are numb. One shot, fire and our feet hit the grave. We're boiling caldrons 'til the debt is repaid.

The night has drained, the weaker souls. Higher minds getting lost on the sober road. One shot, fire and we're spitting on graves. A voodoo witch demands blood as her pay.

I chase the tail of sin back to where you must begin. Birth is nothing but the start of death. I chase the tail of sin back to where you must begin. Amber goddess why are you so poisonous?

Amber witch when did you trade your blood? The night used to taste so good. Dragging bodies back home into the woods.

We will live forever screaming you must die.